“What are Your Blind Spots?” with Collin Hansen from The Gospel Coalition [BB005]

What trait do you most exhibit as a disciple?

Are you a courageous Christian, always willing to stand for truth?

Are you a compassionate Christian, ever seeking to love and serve the poor, weak, and needy?

Are you a commissioned Christian, ready to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth?

While each is a beautiful reflection of Jesus' character, we have a proclivity to become critical of other believers who don't do things the same way we do.

Jordan interviews Collin Hansen, editorial director of The Gospel Coalition and author of Blind Spots: Becoming a Courageous, Compassionate, and Commissioned Church.

In this provocative book, Collin asks: "What if our differences became opportunities?"

The world certainly needs "bold, united followers of Jesus," and Collin lays out a helpful framework for the Church to wholeheartedly embrace our courage, compassion, and commission.


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